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    At Coly Los Angeles we are committed to providing a website that is accessible and user-friendly to all people, regardless of ability or technology. We aim to comply with all applicable web standards, including WCAG 2.0 up to level AA. We aim to make our website accessible to the largest possible audience and pledge to make an ongoing effort to ensure our website remains accessible.

    Our website may use third-party add-ons or “plugins” for certain functions, such as Google Maps, social media feeds, etc. These may not work or may not work the same for every user and/or every type of disability. We do not have control over the structure of these plugins, and are unable to modify them at all or to the extent that would accommodate every user of our website, therefor we are not responsible for those elements which we do not control.

    If you are having difficulty navigating or viewing parts of our website, please email our Customer Service team at Let us know the issue and we will help resolve it in a way that best works for you!



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